1:1 over 1:300 (1998)
Kika Thorne + Adrian Blackwell

floor projection 10’ x 15’, 160 slides, 2 slide carousels, slide dissolve, 10 min

You enter a darkened room; a slide projection covers the floor from wall to wall. The first images are of a sunlit maple floor. Ghosted figures carry sheets of aerial photographs into the space until they cover the entire floor. A railway cuts the map on the diagonal, separating residential from industrial, in a downtown Toronto neighbourhood in which we both live. As you look around the room, boxes appear; the inhabitants unpack, making a home in the city. Urban planning is enacted according to the exigency of domestic events. Dinner is made night comes, day breaks: the rhythm of three days punctuated by work, leisure, love, band practice, friends.

1:1 over 1:300 (1998) Kika Thorne + Adrian Blackwell