Ambience of a future city (2001)
Kika Thorne + Adrian Blackwell

3 Posters 36" x 48" and 3 CD's 2hrs each

We asked groups critical of capitalist urban development to participate in a 2 hour design discussion. Each group chose a specific site in the City of Toronto. They imagined their needs realized in built form. We took their ideas and represented them in a single poster. The poster was placed in public view of the location they desired to change. This document below was made in collaboration with Bread not Circuses. Sound mastering by Allan Graham, design support by Dan Young. The two other posters were made in collaboration with Catch Da Flava (Regents Park) and Random Anarchist Group (Kensington).

Ambience of a future city (2001) Kika Thorne and Adrian Blackwell